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one for now are the impossible perspectives and disconcerting spaces of the last series of paintings, replaced by an altogether more classical framework. The new series reads like a contemporary take on PIERO DELLA FRANCESCA: emphatic verticals and horizontals, strong surface pattern, carefully judged intervals and restrained detail balanced with a broader description of form. Mostly bathed in strong light, however, the artist creates an evocative world of deep shadows and enigmatic content that keeps us guessing.

Set in London locations from Bankside to Canary Wharf, the compositions make use of quotations from sources as diverse as Veronese's 'Allegory of Love' to contemporary sculpture and street art. In colours still a couple of shifts away from reality, past and present are blended wittily to create an aesthetic for a post 'cutting edge' world.

Montgomery Street   Heron Quay IV   Heron Quay VI
Heron Quay III   Heron Quay II Narcissus
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